Population growth is resulting in dense megacities and urban sprawl, uncontrolled urban growth is destroying natural resources that humans rely on. The issue of individual transport creating pollution and congestion is suggested to be replaced with public transport systems, which will also limit urban sprawl.
It is evident in Australia that the population density in major cities has increased in the last 20 years, while government policy changes in 2000 have played a part in urban sprawl slowing down.

Many of the articles lean towards the need for dense cities rather than urban sprawl, saving valuable natural environments. However, Dubai is the only megacity that is focused on becoming fully sustainable, while other cities continue to wreak havoc on the environment. By 2035, the world population will have increased almost 20 percent to 8.8 billion. With the correct planning, urbanisation can provide sustainable growth, whereas poorly managed cities could serve as incubators for poverty, pollution and so on.

Overwhelming and diminishing natural resources due to urban growth is a problem that needs to be addressed, there are suggestions to permanently bring nature into the city through large scale green walls, and futuristic design ideas for communal gardens and farming systems within the cities. However, the issue of sustainable living, lowering demand and destruction on the natural environment is a topic that designers should pursue. The idea of mobile off the grid accommodation is becoming a reality but has not yet been fully embraced by society.

While I have applied my assessment to environmental futures, I also believe that urban growth has a strong impact on social futures. Urban growth is increasing due to population growth, gentrification is causing urban sprawl and resulting in displacement of lower class citizens. Perhaps the key to end destruction from urbanisation is a suggestion that appears in a couple of my sources: educating the public on urbanisation, encouraging citizens to become involved in the development of their towns and cities and taking the final decisions away from the government.


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